Drupal Freelance Privacy Policy

When you sign up to join the Drupal Freelance Group, we collect several personal information from you. Here are the details we collect and why we collect them:

  • Name: so we that we know what name to refer to you with.
  • Email: so that we can add you to our Slack group.
  • Proof that you're not a recruiter: so that we know that you are a developer, because this group is closed to recruiters.
  • More about what's important to you as a freelancer (optional): so that we know a little bit more about your needs so we can make this group useful for you.
  • Notify me of Drupal Freelance updates: so that you can opt in to being notified about any news about Drupal Freelance that we believe will be useful to you, our member.

We use MailChimp to manage our mailing list. If you opt in to our notification mailing list, then we will  add you to the list we manage on MailChimp. Here are MailChimp's privacy policy and terms of use.

We use Slack to host all group communication. So we will add your email address and name to our Slack group.

Beyond what's specified above, we do not use your data in any other way nor shared with any other parties.

If you want to remove yourself from any of the above, you can use this form to remove your subscription or delete your personal data.